Lost & Found Media

Our team of 4 engineers and 1 business student took to the streets of Boston and Cambridge, MA to meet and talk to street performers (AKA buskers). Over the course of the semester, we sat down with about 15 street artists and musicians and collaborated closely with five. Through these shared meals and our own attempts at tabling in Davis Square, we introduced ourselves into an incredibly diverse and open community of passionate performers who chose a flexible (albeit difficult, at times) lifestyle. We generated many frameworks to better grasp the complex people we met and the systems they lived in, ranging from personas and value maps. We then looked to technologies that could be mass-market in 5-10 years, and ideated over a hundred product-service concepts that could support buskers in their goals-- whether it be recognition, financial stability, or a connection with their audience. To that end, we introduced Lost & Found Media, an aggregation service that proposed another way to "tip" and support buskers-- by contributing photos and video of their performances. Our app mockups are available upon request. Email celine.ta@students.olin.edu for more information.

Project Info


  • prototyping
  • ideation
  • collaborative design
  • human-centered design
  • opportunity exploration