Hi, I'm Celine.

I research and develop products and services to benefit society. A generalist and systems thinker at heart, I bring the whole of my engineering and human-centered design background to prototyping well-grounded, but bold visions for society. Most recently, I've delved into social science to better apply rigorous research methods to design. Past projects range from developing affordable newborn warmers in southeast Asia to restructuring King County, WA’s homelessness service system for equity.

I've worked with a variety of mission-oriented organizations, startups, and consulting agencies, and am comfortable working across a variety of collaboration models. I often step up to keep projects on track and to ensure that every detail is aligned with the larger goal and team values.

Current curiosities include: behavior design/ persuasive tech, complexity science, new flavors and food, behind the scenes Broadway, urban design

Looking for consulting and full-time design strategy and UX design roles.

Resume: Download PDF



observation, interviews and focus groups, survey design, literature reviews, basic statistical methods


landscape analysis, insights synthesis, frameworking, impact analysis, product management, project management, stakeholder management


user interface mockups, technical prototyping (electronics, firmware, UI), system integration, user testing



    Adobe Creative Suite, SolidWorks, Axure RP, Invision


    Python, Arduino C, C, basic R, basic HTML/CSS/JavaScript/D3)


    manual mill, laser cutting, brazing, wood bending, 3D printing, routing, basic machine shop training